Friday, December 2, 2016

The one album that I've been anticipating had released awhile back. Yeah yeah I'm late to the party, but I've really done my best to live with this album. And for sure it's an album that doesn't disappoint... well at least for some people they've seem to receive it well. The body of work they gathered for this album is consistent and well arranged for what they were conceptualizing. It's thematic and holds close to the remains of what the first album had. 9 tracks, a couple of instrumental parts with a good portion of singing. Verse, chorus, verse and some bridges here and there give it a color and elegance to what we all know of American Football.

Not everyone will like this album if they're expecting it sound like the first. A lot of the younger generation has given a bit of a negative review. I understand this in some respects if they're still drunk off of LP1, but as a person who has grown up with this album in repeated rotations it's certainly helped me appreciate what this collection of songs had to offer. Mike and the gang have really done it again.

Personally it's a great album and I think that the lyrical content as well as the musical compositions deliver for me. This is the album that I've been wanting to hear for years and I think that LP2 attests to that. Give this one a listen if you have the chance. I bought the tape and vinyl just 'cause.