Friday, December 9, 2016

I've had a soft spot for John Galm for many years. His projects with Street Smart Cyclist and Snowing are definitely great works, but I've grown fond of his solo efforts. John Galm, lyrically, has to be one of the greatest singer songwriters for me. I may be blowing him up, but most of the content he sings about is relatable. Not many people can spill out guts like him. His efforts in his last project SKY OF NO STARS shows how much of his depression really affected him, thus, having him check into mental rehab.

This project, under the moniker of Bad Heaven, seems like it's a victory of a constant battle with depression. Being able to hone into his problems in a healthy matter really shows. He still continues to confess his feelings, but lets the listener understand that he's still able to cope with whatever challenge he faces. I bought the tape awhile back and still continue to run it through the deck. It's a body of work that I wish I wrote.

Give it a listen when you have the chance. I think you'll appreciate this body of work.