Friday, April 15, 2016

Just recently I had finished watching the anime series Honey & Clover. A show surrounding four art students relationship between their friends, their art, their loved ones and themselves. The development of the plot is wonderful showcasing how each individual is connected with one another and how it coincides from past experiences. It’s a show about life and life experiences that help them grow as individuals.

And watching this anime sort of gave me a good point of view as an artist. Each person had a goal in life utilizing their skillsets. Some had a spiritual path while others were more about making a career. It was something to relate to and I had to sort of stop myself on some moments because they really hit close to home. It was almost too real for me.

Just recently I did a post on a subreddit, r/portfoliocritique, to see if anyone could give me some criticism on my work. It’s been years since I’ve had anyone look at my pictures and give me a proper critique. The subreddit doesn’t have much subscribers, but one individual had given me a pretty harsh one in which helped me think about my work.

I understand your going for the street / found art style but I’m not getting a vibe of fine art, more snaphot. The composition seems lax and the lighting not that engaging. Sorry. That being said you have definite potential, what is your gal as an artist… what story do you want to tell? This was the best image I saw (he was referring to an image of the Chinese women on the bart station for the project “Passed Times”). Really great lighting, interesting subject, depth, keeps me looking at it for awhile, it tells a story, If you take a few more like this then bam, solo exhibit time. J hope this helps and if you have any specific questions please let me know.

At the moment I was a bit taken on this, but it really got me thinking about the quality of work I produce. What am I really doing with my work and what is my direction? It’s been a troubling thing just thinking about it all this time. And then it hit me while watching the Honey & Clover series….

My story is about slices of life

I don’t think I have any stories to tell other than what I’m experiencing for myself. There isn’t any gimmicks to my images, no particular stages I’m creating, nor exerting any statements that most photographers or artists in general try to push. It came to me watching the series when I realized that this is what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I’m documenting my life as an individual. I’m documenting things that that I have a connection to even though they’re lifeless. It’s strange, but I came to terms with this and I think I’ll be rolling with it from here on out even though I’ve been doing it all my life.