Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A little while back I had pre-ordered this book from J & L Books. THE LONELY ONES is the newest release from Gus Powell since his first book "THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS" in June 2007. In this book he was inspired by William Steig's "The Lonely Ones" which was a small book of illustrations followed with captions.

For this book Gus really wanted to use captions to give the images a different direction rather a photo displaying what something looks like. The pages are mostly fold outs which present the caption first and image inside the fold out. Captions such as "Mistakes Were Made" or "I Do This On the Side" either help the image identify what the image may convey or can confuse you or force you to figure out what you're trying to look for.

The idea allows the audience to be a bit more interactive with a book. With the fold out pages and captions you find something in images you probably have not found before. This was the first time I was satisfied with a photographer who thought about the selections of images and the titles that pair together.

And as of late I've been thinking about that same idea myself. To pair fictional titles to an image that had been captured in a real setting seems intriguing to me. I'm currently working on a small book that sort of uses this direction of looking at image. I will be releasing these details later next year.

Please check out this book. You won't be disappointed.