Friday, November 6, 2015

For a week and a weekend I had worked on a couple of pictures that needed some care. The photos were of a family friend taken possibly in around the early fifties. And for most of these images taken at that time they weren't properly cared for. Fortunately technology has given the world a chance to reconstruct the damaged images and bring them new life.

Attending a photo program in a city college included learning some of these skill sets. And in fact those skill sets are still among one of my favorite things I've learned to this day. Photoshop has many advantages if used properly. And to bring new life to these images can be amazing.

There are three image sets here that demonstrates even a small portion of what photoshop can do.

1. On this situation part of the image in the center was cut out. As I did some more cleanup I realized that I couldn't just sample a dress on this woman. It would look fake and noticeable. However, I had the idea that I could just shove the individuals from both sides of the picture and do my best to fill in that space. I could've sampled the post that was behind her, but I got too lazy and just left it there.

2. On this situation I had to sample the right side of the girls's hair and flipped it horizontally to get some different texture. I also did my best removing the tag on the bottom right sampling the left side of the skirt and flipping it as well. I did some deep curves set on this (as well as the other pictures I am going to show you next) to get the image to pop out a little more.

3. For this situation I had to sort of make the top of the head for the baby. By doing this I had made a sample on the left side of the head and copied the layer about 6 or 7 times to make the shape and cloned it a bit by sampling the hair of the head and the top of the head with the background.I also added a couple of leaves on the tree to fill in the space from the top left hand corner. I also merged the samples of the head into one layer and used a transform tool to make more of an oval shape. The rest was just cloning and healing the picture.

I don't do these things often. You become a God when you use this program. I can even make people smile in pictures. It's kinda crazy. But I don't use photoshop for those purposes. My way of using it is to enhance an image and cleaning up dust and scratches. I used to work on these types of images for many years and I still have those types of skills. I never intended to use these skills to do any kind of photo restorations, but when something like this comes around I usually try my best to fix it.

Anyway, I wanted to show something different for a change instead of writing boring bullshit I usually write.