Friday, August 14, 2015

I'm not sure if I should be writing anything as of this moment, but I'm feelin' a bit blue and maybe this whole "writing my thoughts" bit will ease some things.

I know I've mentioned my outlook regarding my work and worth in a negative way. And I can't help the fact that feeling this way stems from the worth of the guy who takes pictures of his cat, or the girls who take pictures of naked girls, or the skaters that photograph their friends drinking and passing out. This isn't anything against them, for sure, but my place in the art world is far away from the circle of artists that appreciate them.

And maybe I'm just whining about shit, but I'm kind of withering away in the world. I'll soon be buried or thrown away. I really got nothing to prove nor have anything to prove it to other than myself.

I'm beginning to think that everything that I'm doing is deeming sort of useless. Again, this is me possibly feeling like I don't belong anywhere in the world, but that's just how I feel I guess. I know that on an earlier post I had mentioned me making my art a benefit for others, but still I'd like to know if the work I'm creating is work that helps others. Because right now I feel like my work is pretty much doing nothing.