Friday, August 21, 2015

Things have been pretty busy on my end. I feel like I haven't given myself the chance to breathe and observe the happenings around me. And here I am... writing about it.. and have not given that chance still.

Over the course of the last few months my production has been crazy. Shooting pictures, editing pictures, writing music, printing books, photographing portraits, working a lot, going on small adventures, hiking, eating better, dieting, shopping for new gear, shooting digital again, and whatever else things. This mindset is endless and I think that it's healthy. I couldn't just sit on a chair and think about things anymore. Kind of tired of doing that.

So, by the time I write this I had a show and had attempted to sell books of a project that I had recently done. I had made big prints to showcase a preview of what the book looks like and shown some other pieces that could be potential for newer projects. These shows are not only a way to showcase work finished work, but to allow a preview of what's to come. It's a chance to see the audience members' reaction of what you're thinking about.

Other things have been floating on my mind aside from just shooting and creating projects. I've been on the binge listening to Ian Mckaye's wisdom over the past few months and have made some conclusions as to how I can become a better artist to not only myself, but to the world. Lately I've been wanting to share my work in more of a tangible way rather showing things on screen. Printing has been a major thing for me and allowing the people the opportunity to have a copy of what I have is more than enough for me to feel I'm succeeding as an artist.

I've been wanting to make a small distro that will allow my audience the opportunity to not only purchase my work, but the work of others as well. The distro will not only sell books or zines, but the opportunity to purchase music as well. Earlier this year I realized that music has to be attached to my work somehow. It would be stupid to stray away from something I grew up with for many years.

You will see releases shortly as I am determined to figure out how this will all work. I want this to be done right. This will be small place to work with friends and other artists that I aspire to be. Things are getting exciting and that's the way it should be.