A Moment with Megan McIsaac

Monday, July 8, 2013

"it has been a while since i have found myself inspired at the tap of my computer keyboard. my typewriter hasnt seen much life either though, but my notebook is as happy as a clam. life has been spectacularly complicated and challenging lately, and my face often wakes with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so much the night before. i feel somewhat alive again, which means what? i suppose i feel much more conscious, despite my lack of yogic exercise or any exercise at all. conscious of particular things… my life began again when i started making photographs all day again. it will take some time to adjust, it had been a while. distracted by the daily grind of making drinks for people too rude to even ask how anyone else is feeling. too rude to respond when i ask how they are. now i ask myself how i feel each morning, trying to stay on top of things and learning how to be my own boss (just go with the flow.) it feels like the first time, but i guess there are no repeats in life and i must re-learn this here task. wake up, drink something caffeinated, pick out and play a record, pet linus, open computer and stay focused for a few hours. afterwards, go outside. make more photographs. if i can manage to pay my bills by selling prints and photographing strangers, i won’t need much more to live on, i can spend the majority of my days with a camera and good company.

i spent the past week in south dakota, taking part in the ceremony of love of two of the most beautiful individuals i know, now together forever. we spent the days on the black hills wild horse sanctuary, and breathed the same dust as the natives to the land. dancing on the same ground as the sundance. i shot through countless rolls of film as my eyes filled with tears; the wild horses praying to the petroglyphs, the bride and groom running over the hill together, floating naked in the cheyenne, the incredible love of the family and friends that surrounded us…

i need to explore, to roam and adventure. i need a cabin in the woods with a creek running through it. wild turkey, horses, bison, birds… if you ever see my five year plan, finding land to sprawl out on is near the top. we shall see what the reality of that situation becomes. in the next few months you can expect to see the opening of my print shop, some new gallery shows, a few publications i will be sharing photographs in, and all of the usual daily photographs that i make. i am hoping to find myself traveling more, photographing more, and exploring more. no excuses, even if i only have pennies to my name."

I really am a fan of her work. She has a great way of composition. Just beautiful pictures of life as she sees it. After reading this little small snippet it had me realize what I'm doing in life. I don't want to just be stuck here on the computer looking for inspiration. I want to be out there traveling, photographing places I don't know, and going where I feel I need to capture life as I see it.

Hopefully in the coming months I will be able to have what I need to start shooting more again. I've been on this rut just editing photos and not really photographing as much as I should. Connecticut is a tough place to photograph. It isn't easy to compose stuff here, but I'm hoping it will get better soon.