A Moment with Alana Paterson

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lately, editing has been sort of a drag and I haven't been out of my apartment very much. Not much desire to do anything when you don't have a car or have friends to pick you up and take you places. So, most of the week I've been trying to find jobs and trying to gain more inspiration. I don't know what interests me to this woman. Her photography is simple, composed in such a plain way, but then again her work seems to show a level a love that one can't really decipher. Her images are about life. There's no crazy things going on.... it's just simple images about life. This has been quite the theme for me as I live in the country. I'm almost back to the roots of my youth living in farm town that's 1 mile radius wide. Maybe these are the things I should be looking at rather than trying to find photographs that I'm so used to.

Check out her work at alanapaterson.com. She's definitely worth checking out.