Thanksgiving in a Hospital: A Rolo Tanedo Story

Friday, November 23, 2012

This morning I looked through my dashboards of Facebook and Tumblr and saw that my friend Rolo was in the hospital. Concerned by the event I went ahead and followed the link he posted up just to see what happened. Turns out he happened to have a blood clot in the size of his hand on his left lung. This started Thanksgiving morning. He was rushed to a hospital and was given a couple of tests to determine how and why he was in this condition. From what I understand it's still up in the air.

This story brings me to the aspects of Thanksgiving and what really matters. I know that I don't post up enough personal outlooks on things, but todays entry was very significant to me. Most of our friends and family would seem fine in many moments. But when a potential tragedy occurs will determine how you react and what you've done leading up to this particular situation. Did you love life? Who did you kiss? Are you feelin' okay? I might be over looking in this but this is a friend of mine that I respect.

Mindy (fiance of Rolo that I barely know, but would like to know more) had documented a good portion of the status Rolo was undergoing during the treatment. The images displayed on his blog are the most powerful I've seen and they aren't pictures that were taken by him. These are portraits of a kid who is showing the most vulnerable part of his life and allowing everyone to be involved with it.

Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving. For Rolo... this one must've sucked.

You can follow him on his Blog and his Tumblr. The images are up so take a gander and think about it. Glad that you're okay my friend.