Should You Become a Professional Photographer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Much debate has overcome me as the older generation have experienced great losses in their career. Photography has many disadvantages, but amazing advantages in the aspects of its art and its criticism. Though we can argue the many aspects of the medium should it be something we can see as a career?

I find myself thinking about this every time. Where will I make my money, how can I sell my pictures, who will hire, etc. There's something about this that annoys me not because of how photography has gone down in the years, but how people don't see it being something worth achieving as a career.

In the article James wrote this and has said, "Should you be a professional photographer? My usual answer to this is “No.” Not because it’s hard. Not because there are fewer full time pro photographers than ever before. Not because the average take-home earnings of a full time pro photographer is less than US$30,000. It’s because the chances are you’ll soon find you don’t enjoy photography any more."

Much of the people doing photography are mainly doing this in the aspects of business. Clearly there things about business that can ruin a person's perspective on the meaning of photography. Yes.. I know this.. I know it can alter a person's perspective, but did they go into photography to start a business or did they do this because photography is what they love no matter what?

I'm not saying that photography isn't competitive, but whatever happened to "loving what you do and you do it because you love it?" There are many debates, but I think some professionals and many amateur photographers need to remember some things:

1. Why do you do it?
2. Is it an art?
3. Is it a business?
4. Do you love it?
5. What is your intention?

Think about it....