Weekly Sunday Photo Challenge: Dreams

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week Alissa Kennedy decided to go with the theme "Dreams." This is something that I do in the daytime more than the nightime. I daydream a lot thinking about the possibilities of my career, about the things I want to do with my girlfriend, and about the places I want to go. It's a never ending thing. When the theme was given to us I didn't know what to do. I then realized after dealing with the rain in the Central Valley that I had something to work with.... and this is what came of it.

When I Was Asleep

When I Was Asleep

I sometimes feel this way with life: Dark, gloomy, unmotivating, scary, and overcasted. It's been an emotional few weeks. The clouds have been like this for awhile. It's all I could really see. Dreams.... what a crazy thing to have.


Alissa R. Kennedy

Chris Masters

In the context of this photo Chris had been in the Psychology program for quite sometime. His whole life was set to obtaining a Masters Degree. Now that he's received it what better way to celebrate his success by capturing it. He, in one day, drove from Fresno to San Diego and back just to get a photo from Alissa. I feel that this image embodies the completion of a dream. Most of the people that I know could only wish to get a Masters. Good job my friend.

Michael Behlen

Knowing Michael he always strives for that perfect photo. His concept was created using Poloraid PX70 Push! film with a long exposure to create a dreamy like effect. With the additional offset colors Mike had definitely created a dreamy effect. Some of my dreams look like this... I wish it did all the time..