A Little Late, but Lately….

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Joselyn at the Boston Mall

Posting work has definitely slowed down, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not working on stuff. I have a couple of projects I’ll be finishing up in the next few weeks (hopefully) which will open up some things I’ve been putting to the side. And knowing that things are getting done has given me the chance to feel a bit more accomplished. This year really put me in a good place and I’m happy to know that things have been swinging my way as of late. That cliché “it’s not the destination, but the journey getting there” is worth noting on how I got here. On my last post I announced a new job and have been on the grind with the trainings for the last several weeks. It’s funny because a lot of this work is something I’m very much familiar with and have waited to have something like this for a very longtime. But we’re not necessarily talking about my new job…. It’s really the art that I’ve been creating.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to figure out how I wanted to represent myself as an artist. And being that I’ve been taking pictures & writing music simultaneously the pairing between both was such an uncanny decision to make. I’m an artist who creates music for pictures. It’s this representation that allows me to define myself as an artist. I’ve been very comfortable photographing personal surroundings and displaying them to create relationships not only with the person, place or things, but the strangers that can possibly tell the same story. And with that I try to amplify that visual with compositions that hopefully fit the fold.

So… I have a couple of releases coming up. Some are short and others kinda big, but they are collections of songs/pictures that I’ve stored in my archives for the longest time. There was never an appropriate time to present these projects until now. I’m glad I waited this long and am glad that I’ve given myself some time to really understand what these images called for. And because of this I’m happy to be presenting them in such a fashion.

Writing music has been fun as well. I’ve been tinkering around using the Tascam 424 & the Tascam Ministudio Porta 03 which have been both instrumental on the mastering process and the looping segments of songs. As of late I’ve been trying to integrate more of a tangible format than DAW over the last few months. I’ve been seeing the writing on the wall for people who have been losing their material from hard drive crashes and such and have been advocating in doing something more secure and alive. I want to have a more preserved exercise than have it be kept onto a digital device. It’s been kinda scaring me as of late to be honest. And also I just want to have something preserved for future listeners. I’m not sure what the format of music services will be, but I anticipate it being worse than what it is now. Given the conditions of how music is received and played you don’t get to keep things that are solid.

I’m also looking into getting the Tascam 388. This has been something I’ve been considering just so that I can do more tape recording for future projects. Obviously I will be doing some DAW arranging and such, but just to have a copy of something just in case something were to happen really gives me security. On top of that film has also been a thing that I realized I’m glad I preserved. Nothing really last forever, but it could at least last for 100 years.

Preservation has been something so key into my thinking and I’ve been thinking about how things are just so perishable. Like things don’t have longevity anymore and things just became so much more artificial than it was back in the day. Like we don’t take time to make shit anymore and that everything is so conveyor belt garbage. Everything is immediate and recycled and that we don’t really have time to polish stuff anymore. It’s very “drug addict” thinking and feeling.

So, yeah lol. That's pretty much. Kind of a big update with all the pictures I've posted up here, but these are just images that I've been kinda holding onto for no reason. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be posting more, but for now enjoy!

- (ab_)