Lately and Fall Comes Around

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Dinner with Jen

To be honest there hasn't been much going on other than me trying to sort out thoughts of things that may or may not matter. I'm constantly trying to get creative work done and prepping it for the next year. And next year I'm trying to complete and prep work for the year after and so on. It's been a constant for me given the majority of what I've done as an artist was just grind, create, complete and restart. I'm not necessarily making any crazy moves or anything, but I'm just happy to know that I'm able to actually get stuff done in a timely matter.

So, the 15 minutes thing to make pictures or write drums on my laptop either in the morning or during lunch time has been working quite a bit. 15 - 30 minutes is mostly what I need. It's such a slow pace, but I have no deadlines so what's the rush? And the weekends are usually the days I get to deploy the creative and figure out if all that time I spent during those days was worth writing/photographing this stupid thing lol.

Of course being cynical and obnoxious about these points at least I'm giving some sort of effort to see my 50/50 chances of failure or success. And I think I just don't give a shit anymore. Like... I've been very much "free" about how I compose and how I release work these days. And to be writing and photographing constantly (with scanning and maybe a bit of editing in the process) it's been fun again just to see things develop before your eyes. I take it serious, but I don't take it serious... does that make any sense?

You know.... I think artists and people in general (at least in this age of social media) take themselves too seriously. Asking for follows, hoping to see how many likes they receive on posts and judgeing profiles as status... I mean my gawd man has things gotten this shallow or have I just grown old to not care? Better yet am I just out of touch? I think about this stuff a lot and the ever changing landscape of things. I just don't get it. And more so I've also been thinking about leaving social media personal profiles and just do the artist thing and post stuff when I'm promoting or whatever. Even then it's getting kinda outta control.

I've begun to take interest of blogging more again. Posting images here and just giving myself more time to write and think about how I make work to feel like there's some sort of depth behind what I've been creating. And to think that I'd almost left this place behind.... It's becoming more attractive everyday to me. I don't know why.

Maybe it's because I have something to say again. Over the last few years (especially pandemic) things really started to change perspective wise. The things I thought mattered didn't really matter anymore and the issues that I had not faced internally had come full frontal with no apologies of its presence and with no notification of when it will come over to beat the shit out of me.

So this is it... the Summer is winding down, kids are going back to school, traffic is building up & sweaters are being worn. I'm anticipating a bit more movement in production so you should expect more work to be deployed. I hope I can keep my promise as a blogger to post more and talk about things that have been happening with me. I don't think I can do social media heavy anymore. It's just too much for me.

...Have good one everyone...