The Summer Has Been Interesting

Monday, August 8, 2022

Dominique Gallup Portrait on her Grad Party in Hartford

As of late I've been getting hired to take images for other people. Not too often do I get these requests. In fact I don't really get them at all. This year has been the busiest I've been as a photographer. It's been quite strange and I'm glad I've been selected to take part in these events over the last few months.

On the other hand I've been trying to shoot as much as I can. At least 15 minutes of just looking around and finding what works. I've even made imaginary scenarios in my head dedicating how I could proceed specific shoots if it ever ocurred. Of course, the majority of the shoots I've done hasn't really reached a level of ridiculousness as of yet, but I anticipate any bullshit reason to come through. I've realized after all of what I've done that practicing does help whether you have something ahead or not. The idea of flexing that muscle (regardless of the results you receive) really sharpens things. I'm not saying to shoot a bunch, but just enough to get you engaged with whatever subject you're dealing with.

I also realized I need to get out more and actually try my best to discover things. Even if its for 15 minutes. Awhile ago I was able to see the BRAVE GIRLS. They performed in NY at the Central Park Summer Stage and they absolutely killed it along with Alexa (Golden Child was there, but they were soooo not into it). It took the Brave Girls for us to make the committment to go to NY with the amount of anxiety my girlfriend and I have regarding Asian assaults that have been happening in the area. We were nervous, but in the end it felt alright. I'm a bit more motivated to go back and revisit some haunts that we frequent before Covid came around.

And there you have it. My Summer is winding down, but I'm fortunate to feel whole on what's I've experienced. Maybe in the next few months I'll get around to posting more work, but for the time being here's all there is.