I Figured I Should Write Right Now

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

So, it's a new year and usually I'd make a post about what kinds of goals I made and to see if the results faired well. And reading the first post I did last year (which was March) the only thing I really aimed for was releasing a record. That was the goal and really nothing else. I think my ambitions were quite low given pandemic questions and what the future was going to look like that year. I can't say that I had thrived, but I can definitely say my drive to be creative was certainly flowing. And it still is.

I released a record, released a single, started scanning images, started conceptualizing new releases for 2022 and have been recording quite a bit for the last few weeks. I finally found a project I could go forth on to combine both musical and photographic projects. LST LVS is the project that I hope I can create for the next 10 or so years.

I've also made promise to start looking for a new job. I've been with my company nearly 9 years and have been burnt out on my position as a lead for awhile now. With the landscape of job offerings and the pandemic pushing folks to leave their positions companies are starting to realize that they can't do this alone and can't do sus shit to their employees anymore.

As far as my mental health is concerned? I'm very happy. Happy at the fact that I called out of my job just to make this post and look for better positions and feel a bit more at ease that working so many hours in the days without any kind of appreciation (or at least the kind where they say they're thankful, but do it to brush you off somewhat). Things are working on for the most part, but I just have to focus as much as I can.

I hope things get better for everyone. I think it's time I'm going to get mines.