Friday, August 30, 2019

As the summer gets ready to sleep fall begins to make its appearance as the landscape prepares colder weather and tricolored skin. I can feel the change in my body readying those feelings I feel every year; the quiet, the lonely and the nostalgic. The feels keep repeating and I'm always reminiscent of what I've been through years before. It's almost unhealthy, but it's also a good reminder of how far I've come.

I started sorting through this body of work again and have made many adjustments of how I wanted to approach the project. Unfortunately the starting concept of this record and images has changed direction and could not head there through a few factors:

  • Too much filler between photographs and songs
  • Sequencing the music and images timeline wise doesn't work
  • No uniformity from January to December
  • Most of this work doesn't fit
  • The atmosphere gets lost
  • Doesn't tell a consecutive story

Though with these failures I've learnt that bodies of work never go in the direction you want it to go. To be honest it's a blessing as it breathes new life to what it originally started off to be. I can see the body of work being something more pure than the intention from the start.

The shitty part was holding this sequenced idea for so long that I almost shelved it. It was a bigger project than I expected and having forced myself to create a body work intended to timeline what I have created was so stressful. I think it would've been worse if I had kept it that way. Glad that I got that out of my head and can now hyperfocus on what really matters on this project.

Michael Behlen and I have been talking a bit about this project. Previously I have helped him on his Searching For Stillness projects and has always come to me for help and advice. Now I'm coming to him for this massive entity I almost wanted to forget. I think that having someone else help with the edit has definitely helped free me from being drowned in it. I can now look and see how he perceives the project.

Thank you Mike. You've always had my back on shit like this