Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I've waited for this band to release something for a few years now and here they are with a full length record! Unbelievable. The record is solid with grooves, melody and imagery that takes the likes of bands of TOE and Explosions in the Sky. The record tells a story of a restless soul going through a past life departure toward ongoing future destinations. Relatable with the songs sequenced from beginning to end I could add that the record could also illustrate the motions of loss or heartbreak leading toward contentment of new relationships and love. It's music like this that create a cinematic imagination for the listener that create realizations they've never dealt with before.

I get a chance to speak with Pei and Andi on this monster of a record and dissect everything about it such as production, sound, theme and the jump of the band. It was the first time I got to speak with two individuals simultaneously to talk about their project. This was an absolute honor and I hope that I get a chance to see them and meet them someday. Thank you guys for the good times. I can't wait for your next bodies of work