Wednesday, June 19, 2019

You know I've been a bit stressed lately. It's a good kind of stress I suppose. You know.. the one where you need to make sure shit gets done and then you get it done, but then there's still some things you need to get done? Yeah.. that kind, but you know you'll get it done. It just needs to wait a bit. And I kinda hate waiting these days. I've sort of lost my patience on certain things I'd usually be patient for. Of course, I can't think of it at the top of my head, but it's just one of those things I've just started developing.

One thing is for sure is that I've been doing my best to figure out how I can be productive and not just be a snail. I mean I've been like that for quite awhile, but I've notice that my motivation on certain things hasn't been very good lol. I guess it's the summer and I just want to have fun and stuff. I just want to go out and eat a bunch of garbage and sleep and stay up all day and all night. But whatever right? hahahahaha.

I love my mood. I love that I've been getting better at staying positive. I love the fact that I've been very good at keeping intact with certain things that matter to me. I've been happy that I've been keeping my priorities straight and now fucking off like most people would do. Its one of those things that I just haven't been able to grasp amongst the folks that I've been surrounded with.

Hopefully things will start moving a little faster. Gawddamn because things are hella slow right now. Or maybe things are just not catching up to me??? Who knows.