Monday, April 22, 2019

For the last few weeks I've been fighting a lung infection that has prevented me to do a lot of what I'd planned for this month. This is the first time I've ever experienced bronchitis and hopefully this would be the last time I ever do. Thinking of the last few years of posts I realize I do tend to get slightly ill, but not to a point where it'd force me to stay in bed. What really frustrates me is the fact that I wanted my body to hurry and rid of the pain I was enduring, but wasn't complying to my demands. Sounds silly, but I don't get sick often nor have symptoms that wouldn't allow me to do anything. This was kind of scary for me and I realize that shit should be prevented at all costs.

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but having bronchitis almost felt like I was everybody else at my full time job. Constantly they vent out their ailments because of such and such and have to go to Dr. so and so to get this and that fixed all the fucking time. It might have been stupid for me not to go to the doctor and get checked up, but may have been a blessing as my body (with the aid of over-the-counter meds) fought off and continues to fight off much of the infection out of my body. I've been downing in:

Lemon Juice, Honey and Hot Water
Nyquil for that night time relief
Cough Drops
Vicks Vapor Rub

For this week I have to stay away from the gym just so that my lungs will heal properly. It was a huge mistake thinking that my body could take working out when the health of my lungs were at only 60%. Always burning on the stairmaster and always coughing while doing other work outs. It wasn't a great idea, but I was desperate to go in there and try to get fit again. With it doing more harm than good I to call out a day or so just be able to breathe again.

I've also realize the amount of push I've given myself in the last few months. Not much sleep, always working out hard and trying to make money to get the fuck out of here. That's probably why my immune system was so down which led to me feeling this way. In a way I needed this issue to have me realize how much I've been pushing myself. It fucking sucks, but what can you do?

Hopefully this week should end this escapade of garbage feelings. I have to get better. Fuck I have to. Please get better. Will I get better? Who knows, but at least I'm doing something about it.