Friday, November 17, 2017

For next year I have a couple of goals I want to set for myself.

1. Start getting more fit
2. Work out harder at the Gym
3. Rework my diet
4. Finish up editing much of the film I've shot
5. Dedicate all black and white photographs for the blog
6. More Instant Photography
7. More digital photography
8. Working with more clients
9. Selling more of my work for a good cause
10. Write a song every month
11. Be a freelance musician
12. Find a job in the Bay Area
13. Move to the Bay Area prepared
14. Find a therapist
15. Start doing more community like things
16. Make more friends
17. Talk to more artists
18. Create a podcast
19. Write more
20. Be happy and never give up

So far things haven't been as bad. I was, for the most part, assuming that I'd be down and out dealing with things the wrong way. But I'm out here trying to make positive choices rather than kill myself with bullshit. I can't say that it's all easy-peazy, but I'm doing the best I can to figure it out one step at a time. I'm so used to rushing into things and feeling burnt out on it later on. I really don't know how to groove anymore and that's what I'm trying to do again. I shouldn't be in a rush.

However, routine has been a big thing for me. I've been wanting to fall into routines that help me set my mind straight. Not only that I'm trying to get my finance straight as well. Not buying unnecessary shit (which I don't really do anyway) and having fun with money when it's appropriate. I can't say "fuck it" anymore because I'm trying to be a fucking adult in 2017. I don't even know how to be an adult. It's dumb, but whatever.

But overall I'm trying to make better choices and trying to see a brighter future of 2018. I know things are going to be rough, but I have to be prepared and I have to be ready for whatever comes my way.