Friday, November 3, 2017

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As I start to play more guitar I'm realizing how much of my photography is taking a back seat. Of course this is just another one of those ruts, but I really do need to get myself back into the grind. I gotta be honest though.... 2017 was probably the shittiest year I've ever endured.

But I have proposed an idea to myself to create a project that will, hopefully, combine both music and photography once again. Next year I want to create a 12 month project where I revisit the same concept as Roll Call. This, however, will be in black and white. The music portion will be a song a month. I have to dedicate myself to that song and finish it before the month ends. They have to be detailed as best as it can.

I can only hope that this will work out for me. I have to be dedicated to this craft. I gotta do what I can man. And I hope that this will help me do photography more and more.