Thursday, May 4, 2017

I recently went to the front page of Reddit and saw this thread appear. The Redditor who posted this link shared a website of her friend who recently committed suicide. Claire Marley was a photographer based out of Shawnee, KS who was interested in photographing friends and her surroundings. She was a transfer student from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design to the University of Kansas. She was also a teacher's assistant for the Shawnee Mission School District.

Most of the photographs seen in the portfolio are images of what could be her friends and surroundings. A lot these images are candid moments welcoming the audience a peak into her personal life. Some shot on film and most shot on digital, but still showcases that "at home" aesthetic. I can't say that her portfolio is strong with a good narrative flow, but I can say that these images were certainly a great start to what could have been strong bodies of work.

It's unfortunate this artist left the world early. It brings the issue that having good mental health is important. I'm not sure what her struggle was, but man it must've been so bad to the point that she wanted the pain to go away. It's okay to see a therapist. It's okay to talk to your loved ones about this kind of thing. It may seem like you're alone, but you're not and there are ways to get help.

If you or anyone who is struggling with this is please call for help.

To tell you the truth reading this thread spawned some memories that I've endured when I was young. I've lost friends through this and mental health is really important for me and my loved ones. Get help if you need it. You're not weak if you do so.