Friday, June 5, 2015

29 sort of equals 30 which makes 24 prepare for 26 and lets 18 feel like it's 21. These age variations make such drastic changes from the start of 5. And yet I still feel stuck between 23 & 25. I'm as mature as an apricot losing its limbs and as graceful as a piece burnt toast. I'm buttered up for taste and I'm cut up for thirst. Digested in 3rds and thrown up 7 times at first.

I'm 29 waiting on the moment of 30. Waiting for gray hairs to spread. Waiting for phone calls about friends who are dead. But I'm the dead one always keeping secrets of stories I shouldn't hear. How I could ruin people's lives whispering gossip ears.

30 is on its way. I'm decked out with a pair shoes, argyle sweater, a button shirt, a tie, and a face that says "you're so fucked" and "you look like you need more sleep." Clock is ticking. Make sure you return all required items at your desk.

end transmission