Friday, February 6, 2015

A church full of neighbors, friends, high school students, and military personnel I look around and am taken of the surroundings. I focus towards a box made out of wood and plastic with neat details of beige and chrome. It's contents are of a person who shaped me. A person before the burial.

And a eulogy describes him. Describes his character. His embrace of his eclectic children. His wife who will widow a lifetime. He speaks words... words I'll never forget.

And I sit there... and wait... and gently bow my head down. The sobbing elevates and I'm quiet. I listen. I'm long haired with a button shirt holding tears. I see the box lifted to the church door. 3 military's and 2 brothers they stuff in the back of the car. The crowd stares tearing up my loss. I have no words. I walk quietly out the door.