$5.99 WHISKY'S

Friday, February 20, 2015

I had $20 in my pocket to grab a couple of drinks. The bandages on my left eye made me look like a mess. What I night I had staying at the hospital for 6 hours and here I am heading to the bar. The bartender took my order and slid me a whiskey with ice. I took a sip and started reflecting last night's debacle

Kyle, Chris & I went down to the Shaw Skate Park after work. It was around 8pm and the park was closed, but we climbed the fence and started skating anyway. While riding the bowls I noticed a guy sitting on the park bench under a sidewalk light smoking a cigarette. He looked at us, threw the butt, & walked away.

We kept riding until four hispanic gangsters walked up. You could smell the pot as they passed it around before climbing the fence. As they approached us I started getting nervous. "What up homie! Ya'll mothafuckas alone here?".The four approached Chris and started asking him questions.

At one point an altercation started rising. I was on the other side of the park and rode toward Chris to break it up. The argument got louder and louder and suddenly I was pushed over the bank ledge. While piled on top of two, Kyle was getting beaten up by the rest while Chris ran and jumped the fence. It was a blur throughout the beating, but my adrenaline built up and at one point fought back slamming my fist on on of the guys' face.

They ran with all the stuff we had in our pockets as Chris stared at us in a bloody mess. We quickly climbed the fence, called the cops, & drove to the hospital to get checked up. Chris without a scratch as Kyle and I were taped up and stapled. It was embarrassing. It took 6 hours to get help. I didn't go to work the following morning.

And here I am at the bar. I grabbed my cup and took a drink. I felt overwhelmed and almost cried. The thought enraged me as I should've given it my all, but felt weak and vulnerable.

The whole night I babied my cup. I think I only ordered that one whisky. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to go to the bar because that night I decided to not talk to Chris anymore. He should've gotten his ass beat too. I finished my cup, paid the bartender, and walked home. I laid in bed, turned on the tv & went to sleep.