Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A couple of days ago Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department was not indicted for the murder of Mike Brown. Since August of this year protests have risen in Ferguson in hopes to have Officer Wilson be charged for his actions. Since the judge's decision to allow Darren walk away with no punishment hundreds of protesters vandalized property and raised havoc. There's no telling what the future may hold for the people, the police department and the city itself.

Tannen Maury, photographer who shot the first image above, composes the image of a man who stands in the middle of the street putting his arms up in peace. 25 years earlier a man named Jeff Widener composes a similar shot of a protester standing in front of an army tank in the middle of the street. What are these photographers telling the audience when they see such frames appear in front of them?

I like to think that these images will provide some idea of what our world undergoes in intense situations. And as these images surfaces through the interweb, through blogs like these ones, and retweets of many public journalists this is what we will be seeing for years to come.

I haven't taken the time to understand why these situations occur in the first place, but I know that people are frustrated and are acting on the emotions of a pointless murder. All I can do is witness the moments occurring on my screen. Let's just hope things get better. But I'm certain it'll stay worse for months to come. Happy Thanksgiving