Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Upon doing loads of research with Polaroid film and photographers who had experimented with the medium I happened to stumble upon another size format that's kinda interesting: 110 (cartridge film). Lomography had recently started selling this film making it easier for 110 format users to break out the crappy 110 cameras start shooting with it again.

But the appeal is not only the format size, but the size of the device. Lately new cameras have been undergoing loads of change and I happened to have acquired a good load of them in my collection. I have point and shoots, two Polaroid Cameras (finding a newer land camera to replace the broken one), a half frame, a rangefinder (my favorite), medium format (another favorite) and am soon getting the large format camera. The formats are awesome, but something about the 110 is unique and would bring a lot of flare to what I want to produce. I think getting this would want me to work on something fun for a specific exhibit. Don't know what it would be, but I definitely would love to make it happen.