The Modern Look at Street Photography

Monday, March 11, 2013

As my perspectives in photographs continue to change I still keep the one element that had me become the photographer I am today: Street photography... a form of photography with loose narratives and captures involving a more melodic and atmospheric perspective through pictures. I don't necessarily claim myself this kind of photographer anymore, but I still continue to use this element through the work I produce.

Much of what I capture has and continues to be inspired by great photographers of the photojournalism/documentary field as well as the fine art field. It wasn't until I stepped foot in San Francisco and met Sean Custer and Theo Slavin that helped define the outlook of my work. Today I continue to shoot this way as a reminder that I still love this kind of photography

But this entry isn't necessarily an entry about what I've been inspired by and what I've went through in this career. No.. this is an entry to showcase a modern outlook of what street photography is today. About a few months ago I read an article that Nick Turpin wrote about the culture of street photography by using the Google search generator. I was surprised to see the results of the search and it had me wondering... is this the view of street photography in the modern era? Take a look below..

Though that we could argue that this is a misrepresentation of street photography it's an interesting subject to think and talk about. Here are a couple of things that I've gathered:

1. Street photography is B&W
2. People make street photography
3. Posters in reaction with people
4. Subway/train stations
5. Contrast
6. Loose Compositions
7. Eric Kim

Now you noticed that I had Eric Kim on there. Well... he's the modern face of street photography and has been very successful spreading the word out for inspiring photographers willing to learn to work this way. He's one of the reasons why most photographers decide to shoot this way.

Again... it's a subject that's pretty interesting to talk about and think about. I love this kind of work either way, but there are so many of these bad pictures out their that misrepresent this culture. It makes you think how saturated it has become.


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