Photographers I've Been Following

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today I want to share some photographers I've been following as of late. These individuals have been inspiring me to go out and photograph the streets in different angles. The last time I posted an entry about other photographers are friends of mine I associate with. The post I'm doing today are photographers I have been influenced by, but don't know them personally. What I look for in a photographer is not only the images themselves, but what they represent personally and mentally. I'm into their concepts, work flow, their passion toward their craft, their confidence, their timing, and angle of their compositions.

Eric Kim

I just discovered this person earlier this year and has made an impact on my craft. Eric is an upcoming street photographer who has been traveling internationally to help other street photographers get their name out there. His blog features a lot of interesting subjects that include workflow, camera gear, photo essays, and much more. You should check out some of the videos he posts of him photographing the street. It's pretty amazing!

Dirty Harrry aka Charalampos Kydonakis

D.H.'s blog is sort of similar to Eric's, but he focuses more on just photographers he's been observing. He'll have some of his work showcased in slideshows, but most of the updates include other work. I admire his workflow and compositions. His talent working through open shutters is so phenomenal. The way how he works the flash, the placement of his subjects, and even the oddball images he somehow finds are just incredible.

Matt Stuart

In-public member Matt Stuart is among the many photographers I feel a great connection with. A lot of his work has an elegant touch which I find myself trying to capture. He is able to find a relationship with the subjects and the background. Matt is the type that would shoot for a whole year (mind you he's still shooting film) and maybe edit down to twenty images from the many rolls he's shot through.

These are only a few of what I have been observing myself. Looking through their work I've been inspired to just go out and find new ways of photographing. It helps with my framing, my angle, my concept, and even helps me develop a relationship with the people around me. Thank you guys for creating great bodies of work. I hope to meet you and photograph with you.