Snapshots (Daly City)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new idea I've been anticipating for awhile. It's hard to carry around a dslr in places that seem to be easily noticed. I started using this point-and-shoot camera at work and around the Westfield Mall. It's so easy to capture people in the moment they are most vulnerable. I bring to you the new series "snapshots."

Some of my associates don't think it's cool, but whatever. I'm definitely going to stick towards this. This will help me mix things up and allow me to look at pictures a different way.

The rest of the images are just moments of me walking through the Westfield Mall for lunch and then some.

The influence came about browsing my friends tumblr's and Facebook posts. They take great pictures using just their phones. It's just mindless fun and I'm loving the results so far. Enjoy!