My Current View

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's been awhile since my last post. The feeling of photography had lost its touch for a bit, but I managed to find myself getting back in the groove. I have certain habits when it comes to shooting and I'm monitoring that to keep my compositions fresh and interesting. I went on a small tour with my band, stayed in a hotel, saw the little cats playing, and other random things that have been popping up in my head. Back in the groove I believe.

Oh by the way.. I didn't get into San Jose State. This is sort of a blessing in a way. My interests have changed. I am thinking about attending "The Academy of Arts University" in San Francisco. It'll be a little expensive, but the kind of training I will be provided will help me have an up on other photographers. I am excited and still planning on how I work it out with the help of my lovely girlfriend Donna. Hopefully, by summer I would have finished some projects that I'm currently working on.