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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Donna and Oliver
Almond Butter with Bread
Make a Date to Vaccinate
Car Ride Clouds
Hey! That's huge!
Tour Gathering
Hotel Mirror
From Hotel Window
Iron Bird
The Small Cheese
The Epic Tackle
The Babies

It's been awhile since my last post. The feeling of photography had lost its touch for a bit, but I managed to find myself getting back in the groove. I have certain habits when it comes to shooting and I'm monitoring that to keep my compositions fresh and interesting. I went on a small tour with my band, stayed in a hotel, saw the little cats playing, and other random things that have been popping up in my head. Back in the groove I believe.

Oh by the way.. I didn't get into San Jose State. This is sort of a blessing in a way. My interests have changed. I am thinking about attending "The Academy of Arts University" in San Francisco. It'll be a little expensive, but the kind of training I will be provided will help me have an up on other photographers. I am excited and still planning on how I work it out with the help of my lovely girlfriend Donna. Hopefully, by summer I would have finished some projects that I'm currently working on.