Over the Past Few Weeks

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christopher and the Red Chairs
Christopher at the Coffee Shop
Chris And Connie
Oliver catching some sun
Still Together

I've been busy for the past few weeks studying, photographing, working, editing, creating, and the like. Oliver Oytas created my new watermark for my photos (thanx Oliver). From now on the logo will be on all my photos. It was a good choice of font and design. The essence of it really captures my photos and the person that I am. Very pleased with the turnout.
There has been many arrangements done here. It took me awhile to fix everything up, let alone, find the time to get these photos up and ready. My new home is looking better, but there may be little changes here and there. For now the place is looking great.
These are some of the events of San Fran, Bday surprise, and Donna's apartment.