Monday, November 16, 2009

I photographed these fellows awhile ago. Haven't had the opportunity to post them up until now. My distractions were set on other photographs I've taken throughout the semester. With that in mind I would like to explain the subjects and the photographs themselves.
Both of these subjects have different goals in photography. One's a professor while the other is an inspired shooter. One has seen it all and one will see it soon. Thom Halls (first photo) is a known photographer. Some of his work has been published in magazines such as B&W. This is a world renowned publication that displays the best photographers in the black and white world. Thom had the opportunity to promote his work, along with an interview about the experience of being a photographer. I had the pleasure of being one of his students for a couple of years and learned to be a confident photographer learning his perspectives and techniques.
Vincent is heading that progression as photographer, let alone, an artist of some sort. He continues to explore the world of what photography provides. Vincent, every so often, asks advice about photography. I give him all of what I know and he seems to use it to his advantage. Overall, he continues to progress toward his craft.
Between the two I currently am in the middle of seeing it all and seeing it for the first time. The journey to become a better photographer still awaits me with it's long distances of left and right turns. The education of learning from the best to be the best still continues. I long that day to arrive at the finish line.