And Now It's Almost the Middle of the Year

Friday, April 30, 2021

Things have been moving at a steady pace as of late. Next week I'll be getting my second vaccination and am kinda stoked to go out and see how much has changed. My mental health (surprisingly) has been balanced and I've been doing my best to keep myself busy with my home life and my art. I'm writing new music, I'm consistenly taking more pictures and I've been enjoying how things are going. I've not yet become that introvert that I've started to recognize, but it's getting there as I start to keep to myself more often. Lol, but here I am writing about my feelings like always. It's doesn't make sense sometimes.

Just recently I was interviewed by a friend, Roarie Yum, who was kind enough to let me use her platform to speak about my recent project. It was a blessing to speak with someone who I've admired for years starting from Tumblr. That interview made me realize how unique my situation was as an artist and how I've not expressed my work in such an matter like most people do. I've kept a lot of work in the box for years and little by little I've started to think about what I want to show, but I think I'll just keep it inside before I let it breathe somewhere else. The interview was a success (in my book) as I was able to speak about my beginnings and some of the hardships I had on other projects. And to be honest this project was the first project I've ever created that I was proud of (smaller victories on the previous projects, but they didn't hit as hard as this one).

I'm also getting a new computer in the mail (hahahaha). Just recently my girlfriend built her computer from the ground up and it motivated me to get one myself. I mean I have the money to get some of this stuff and I haven't really treated myself to a lot of things in awhile. This was also in my mind knowing the fact that I'm actually financially stable. It's weird to know that I have a savings and I'm not scrounging for pennies just to make sure I get to eat at 3pm. I keep reflecting on those days. I keep reflecting those days because I couldn't do what I wanted to do as an artist because my situation wasn't in the right spot. I can enjoy what I love to do. I can finally enjoy it. I can also support other artists by buying some of their cartel. I owe them a great one for being inspirations. It's my turn to help them be able to turn the page without being stuck on the last paragraph.

Since I've been able to upgrade some of my equipment I'm currently looking for some gear for recording. I've been working the idea of getting an 4 track cassette recorder to write some music for some 7" releases. It's a process that I want to look into just so that my writing methods don't go stale. It's also a fun way to record and be precise on future projects I want to endure. Think of the approach as if you were playing live. Think of it as if you were recording with a band in the same room. This was the idea I'm hoping to go fourth on just to see if the approach of it works. I also wanted to have something that will help me do some experimentation on some boomier drums. It's these idea that have been swimming on my mind that I want to head fourth on. Let's just see where it will take me

The days are starting to lighten up and the sun is starting to hang out for awhile. Some rains here and there, but it's getting to the point that the summer energy is emerging. During my lunch breaks I'll take a walk around the neighborhood and take some flicks of mundane things. I'll either bring my film or digi just to get some exercise and pracitce. I don't take a lot of photos these days, but it's just nice to know that these things are available to me just so that I can feel for at least 15 minutes.

I'm happy. I'm happy because I'm in a good spot. I intend to make sure that I keep it that way. I also intend to help my loved ones if they need anything. That's all I can do right now.