Thursday, December 7, 2017

I finally gained the courage to release these songs to the world. At one point I had plans to put these songs in a bigger project, but found that they're demonstrations of what's to come. It took about 3 months to find out how I wanted to approach it. Here they are.

The "2 Song Demo" is a small batch of ideas that came together as a foundation of how I will be directing this music project. For awhile I wanted to write music so that vocalists can put in their part, but found it difficult to find anyone who was willing to take the challenge. As I scoured different musical plains throughout the months an epiphany came telling me that I need not to worry about anyone putting their two cents onto my music. I could simply do it myself instrumentally. From then on I felt free and felt replenished.

The next project will certainly combine photography and music as concept for 2018. What I plan to do is write a song a month, take pictures on one roll of film a month, and process them all together to make a (hopefully) vinyl record and a book. I will be hyper focusing on this project all throughout 2018.

The record will be mixed and mastered, the images will be well edited and the production of the whole project will involve people that I need and love. I'm most certain that this project will be one of my biggest ones to date.

However, the time the project will take full effect I will be documenting it through either digital pictures or Instax. This project will be big for me and I will have to focus as much as I can.

Thank you all for your support and your continued support through this blog and other platforms I'm currently active on. I know that I don't have a wide audience, but this helps me do what I need to do.