Friday, October 20, 2017

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Finding a new job, finding a new home, rekindling relationships I had to abandon, feeling isolated, waking up with depression, working as much as I can, working out as much as I can, eating better, feeling more confident, working hard at art, not working at all, youtube videos, video games, still straight edge, still worried about my future, and what am I gonna do when I don't have money?

These are some of the thoughts I've been having over the last few months. Waking up each day till the night with this mindeset is taxing on my body and mind. But I figure this is normal. I hate being hungry, I hate not being able to know if I have gas in my car and I hate the fact that money is really tight. These are things I don't like to think about, but are things I need to be thinking about.

It's fucking annoying and knowing that I'm in this state isn't something to be proud of. But I know that for sure I'll make it out being happier than I was before. It's a long journey and I hate hearing that shit, but it's the truth.