Friday, September 16, 2016

From all the years I've been a fan of this band stemming from adolescent life to adult 30's I'd never thought American Football would come back to play shows again. Throughout the years this band has helped me stay inspired as a musician learning about structure and melodic writings. Just listening to the ep and full length front to back still draws me in on its organic atmosphere and simple colors they seemed to implement on canvas. Why is it that I'm so attached to something I've held on to for almost 12 years? Is it because I'm reminded of certain points of my youth or is it the lyrical content that has connected me with my hardships I've endured over the years?

Now comes a new album titled "LP2". So far the two songs ("I've Been Lost For So Long" and "Give Me The Gun") have kept me pondering the thought of such a thing to happen. How do you go from teenage feelings to adult hardships? So far the songs have waved a sign at me indicating I'm growing up. That I'm acknowledging that the feelings I had back then can still be felt by the things happening to me now.

"give me the gun. don't care if its not loaded. i'm not here to question your motive. but i'm scared for us both."

Such words couldn't have been said better reminding me of the overwhelming hardships I've had in the last few years. It took my breath away as the guitars, bass, vocals and drums layer on one another and where a moment of my adolescent 20's pulls me back from feeling adult 30's. It's as if I haven't grown up and I think I'm okay with that. I can almost say that American Football still stays the same even if they have grown up. Whether or not this feeling will last I'm certain that this band will forever remind me that I've established a relationship with the songs they've created.

thank you guys. You really did help me through the years I was trying to figure it out.