Wednesday, February 5, 2014

B&W_Winter_Summer_0024 as Smart Object-1
B&W_Winter_Summer_0025 as Smart Object-1

Connecticut Snow Storms / Middletown - West Hartford, CT / 2012

It's snowing right now and the delay to go to work is at 10. By this time I'm hoping that I don't have to work so I can stay and just edit more photographs to batch for the next few weeks of posts.

Anyway, awhile back I had the opportunity to develop some negatives that have been sitting in my dresser for a long period of time. I had scanned and saved them to my external which had two of these photographs sitting there. I've been contemplating on posting these photographs till now. The snow is quickly piling up. There's just so much of it. I can't even begin to wonder how I can see myself heading to working under these conditions. It's scary to drive in the snow. It really is. If it were me living in the city with a way to use public trains to get to work I'd be fine doing so, but driving in these conditions are just scary.

These two images were actually from a commute from work to my apartment. That was a long drive home and that's definitely something I can't get used to.