Thursday, December 26, 2013

Photo on 2013-11-23 at 10.43

So, in a couple of weeks I'll be getting married in the Philippines. I'll be a husband to a womyn I've been with for four years. And as I type this right now I'm reflecting on what had happened the whole year.

2013 was indeed rough. I think a good number of people can vouch for this statement. And at points of being broke, no truck, no job, then having a job with little pay the cynical self tends to come out more. I wasn't feeling optimistic about how things were going for me.

But there are highlights that defined the year. Throwing a group art show, meeting up with Gus Powell for updates on a book I'm working on, finally having a stable job with better pay (full time with benefits in fact) and having the luxury of buying film and shooting it.

I'm more stable than I was months ago. I finally have some control. But I want more. I want more out of what I have now. I want more opportunities to pop up.

Next year should be a better year. Since I have a foundation to work with I'm able to work around certain things that had stopped me previously. Money was one of those issues, of course, but since that isn't much of a problem right now I can bet that more work can be developed in the years to come.

So goodbye 2013. This may be my last post of the year. And since the next few weeks can possibly be as hectic as the last few I'm bettin' that in the end something will turn up and ground me. I certainly need a break from everything.