Monday, November 4, 2013

I usually post once or twice a week these days. Considering how much my job, school, and home life have taken up much of my time I haven't given much effort to this blog. But I've been writing on my creative journal, shooting pictures (not as much as I would love to though) and thinking about projects I want to finish for next year. There are a lot of new happenings when 2014 arrives. I'm ready for this year to finish so that I can start fresh and get a new outlook on what's to come. I've thought about taking a 2 week break from this blog. I thought about keeping this place quiet so that I can start gathering my thoughts. The early morning drives, the cups of tea I've been drinking, entering data at my job that I currently work at... my thoughts continue to think about these future endeavors. I've been thinking about this blog and how I want to rearrange it again. I've been looking at my pictures thinking about how I want to post them and when to post them.

So for the next few days or weeks I might be a bit absent. I got a couple of rolls I'm throwing at the lab this week and one of them is a ROLL CALL roll.

And speaking about the ROLL CALL series this has been the most interesting project to date. I've realized that a month of one roll of film can show you a variety of interesting things. It allows you to be a bit creative and think about pictures carefully. Especially when you have a crappy point and shoot camera. I'm thinking about compiling the images into a book. It's not set in stone yet, but it is something I will definitely think about for the months to come.

Thank you to the people who continue to watch my blog once in awhile. I know I don't have much visitors, but it's good to know that someone is out their watching what I do.


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