Wednesday, October 16, 2013

VRTU_CLOTHING_LOOKBOOK_0023 as Smart Object-1
VRTU_CLOTHING_LOOKBOOK_0013 as Smart Object-1
VRTU_CLOTHING_LOOKBOOK_0015 as Smart Object-1
VRTU_CLOTHING_LOOKBOOK_0032 as Smart Object-1
VRTU_CLOTHING_LOOKBOOK_0012 as Smart Object-1

Chelline Smith / Hartford, Ct / October 2013

A little white ago I had the opportunity to photograph a LookBook of a model named Chelline Smith. This was my first portraiture shoot I've done in a long time. Not to mention this being the first Lookbook I've ever done. For this particular shoot I've envisioned the images being more street. I felt the brand brings that kind of energy, sort of engaging in the idea of the hustle. And that's just it.. the brand is an outlook of what hard work looks like. From the quality of the cloth to the design elements it's obvious that all the passion comes through in these clothes. VRTU for life.. all day.. all night.