Monday, August 19, 2013

The MAC650 Gallery will be showcasing Weird Science which is moderated by Rachel Caldwell, newest president of the co-op. I'm advertising this event considering how this gallery has been slept on. Last Friday I and a few others were able to get at least 100 people in the gallery exhibiting I'm Not Sure How I Got Here (pictures and video out soon). This event will be held on the 24th and will be exhibited till September 14th and should be equally as amazing if not better.

And on that note knowing the people that I know now I can tell that this community of artists, I feel, aren't represented as much as they should be. Even the gallery seems neglected for the amount of potential it could bring. Hopefully with these small promotions I do for them this place can grow into something big. Rachel is currently taking submissions so if you have a piece you'd like to showcase give her a heads up!

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