Photographers I've Been Following

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Currently I'm here in Middletown, CT where I'm taking a small vacation from school, work, and photography. It's nice out here and it's been quite the experience so far. The color of the trees still golden while the landscapes unfold with shape and texture. I am still shooting stuff here , but I have no way of editing my work and posting it until I fly back to California. So, currently I'm developing a new style and writing out concepts for the next project I want to work on. Lately these photographers have been on constant watch for that inspiration.

Sandy Kim

She just recently moved from San Francisco to New York I think this year. Sandy Kim is among the few photographers that kept the art of photography very simple. She carries around a point-and-shoot film camera and documents here life experiences in SUCH a personal level. The funny thing is she's more of a designer than a photographer and most of her photographs are composed so well. Yes, they are simple, but she definitely has an eye for photography. Pretty damn jealous. More of her work can be seen on and her Design portfolio.

Charlie Kirk (Two Cute Dogs)

Charlie Kirk is an upcoming street photographer who just recently retired from doing Law. He currently resides in Japan where most of his work is based from. I love his compositions and his way of going about getting close to his subjects. He approaches his photography much like Bruce Gilden, but is more discreet about it.

Joel Maxey

I had the pleasure to meet this guy while I attended a class with him in AAU. Not sure what he's doing these days, but I know he recently visited Korea. He's another photographer who started shooting with a point-and-shoot film camera to document the everyday. He loves the gritty, noisy, pushed film style of photography. At first I wasn't so sure if I was into this since it was something way different, but as I started to think more about how I would approach my photography his images became a big influence. It's genius. He goes around with either a ricoh, olympus rangefinder, or an olympus point-and-shoot camera and shoots from the hip or the chest.

That's pretty much it. If you notice all these photographers still shoot in film. There's something about the quality of film that inspires me to shoot. It takes a lot of skill, technique and concentration to produce images the old fashioned way. I have a lot of respect for photographers still doing film. I'm hoping I can keep this expensive habit going for as long as I can.