Photographers That I Admire

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I haven't sat down to talk about what I've been doing as of late. Every post has just been pictures I've taken that day or week. Putting the camera down for a bit, I've been observing the sounds, the atmosphere, and other photographers. This post is dedicated to the photographers I've been following for awhile. Every time I look at their work I get inspired to shoot.

Shiro Kuro Street (Sean R. Custer)
I met this guy at the Academy of Art equipment room. I saw that he was shooting a Leica film camera (Leica m4) and took interest in knowing him because of that (because you know.. people still shooting film is awesome in my book). Lately, I've been asking him questions about street photography and his approach towards it.

Rolo Tanedo
Much props to this guy. He's currently working on a 365 project. He always has a camera with him waiting for that moment to appear. I respect this man for the fact that he's out there shooting everyday and dedicating himself to photography. Not only that, every project he's done in our Visualization class has been solid. Look out folks... he's comin' up.

Wilson Lee
What can I say about this man. He's AMAZING! He's one of the reason's why I was able to photograph events here in the Bay Area. Wilson has been comin' up as a wedding photographer and is a frequent shooter for shows. He's covered Lady Gaga, No Doubt, and much more! Great photographer as a well as a great fellow.

Overall, these photographers are always shooting. I take inspiration from their work and hope to be in that level someday. Thank you guys for being a friend, a photographer, and an inspiration.