I witnessed 2005 in 2010: When Hardcore Was Young

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hardcore in the Basement

I witnessed an event that I could've witnessed in 2005. About a year or so ago I started understanding the meaning behind punk and hardcore. Me being the Emo/Mathrock/Jazz kid I am known to be punk and hardcore was a genre that has been overlooked in my book. I didn't realize that these genres helped build a foundation towards the music I listen to today. On October 9th, that basement brought together kids that had grown up to share memories of the past. Since I wasn't apart of that scene during 2005 I was able to get a little taste of what they were like. These kids may have different mindsets of the present, but they still hold the pride of the past and what became of them.

I thank these kids for accepting me into their world and to understand why I live the way I live today.


*Click on the pic for more photos of the show