EP Designs

Friday, July 23, 2010

Currently working on finishing the designs for the EP's. It's been about a month or so since I have recorded these songs. I've been in and out mixing the music and making sure all the levels for each instrument is set to my satisfaction. I've also been collaborating with XvDeDvX for an upcoming hip-hop EP. All these EP's are going to be released together hopefully in September.

Recess at the Blacktop Playground is a 3 song EP that represents my perception of jazz. Two of the songs were recorded with a click and one a free form improv. Guitars and bass were recorded first before drums. It was an interesting process. Structuring these songs weren't easy, but not hard. Jazz is a pretty flexible style so anything could work.

Friends as Halves is another 3 song EP that collaborates with Jordan Acosta. I set a day to hang out with Jordan at his now-former-home to record. This was the only day we could document the special moment. Back in high school, Jordan and I loved to collaborate when it came to writing acoustic songs. We used to play guitar together at lunch time, during the summers, and at night with our friends. Those moments can still be shared today. The writing and recording took the whole day. The results definitely displays that Bueno-Acosta magic.

Cutz (not the official name as of yet) is the hip hop EP that is taking the longest to finish. Collaborating with XvDeDvX is different. You put one guy from the hardcore background and the other from the mathrock jazz and you pull out some pretty interesting stuff. He creates the beats while I create the tones. So far we have enough to release an EP. We are taking it slow to make the record right. He wants to get himself and some special emcees to lay down lines on the tracks. I think this will be one record I will definitely appreciate after it's done.

All of which represent my current influences. You can check out some samples on my music profile. Go have a listen!!

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