Art Show and Performance

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On January 23rd, I will be performing with a few friends for the "An Evening With The Nurse" Art Show at the Revue Cafe in Fresno. This is the first show of the year for me and the first time I will be displaying my photography. I am nervous of the turnout, but I'm pretty sure things will be okay. The whole night will consist of improvisations and ambient sounds while the projector will be viewing my work on the screen and some prints will be propped on the wall. An album that I have been working on may also be available for sale along with a book that I printed out last year. This show should be fun and I hope all of you can make it out.

By the way, happy 2010 everyone. There will be a few postings coming up for the Art Show images, the images of the project, and some photos of my trip out here in NYC/Massachusetts. This year is going to be great.